Glossary of Terms

Electronic Music YouTube Form
Electronic Music Lab Procedures/Garage Band Basic Startup Information
History of Electronic Music Chapter Vocabulary
2nd Nine Weeks Final Exam Review
CD Production Power Point
Sibelius Basic Start Up and Key Stroke Information
Ten Golden Rules for Using Sibelius 6
Sibelius/Student Brief Guide
Smart Music                                                                                                                                                          
Teaching with Reason PDF Update Pages
Writing Hooks for Songs and Jingles – YouTube

History of Electronic Music Links
The Electronic Century Part 1
The Electronic Century Part 2
The Electronic Century Part 3
The Electronic Century Part 4
120 Years of Electronic Music

Electronic Music Links
DA Electronic Music YouTube Channel                                                       
Ableton Live
Band in the Box
Digital Performer
Electronic Musician

Garage Band Keyboard Shortcuts

iLife/Garageband Tutorials

Jam Studio

How to use ducking in Logic Pro X
Logic Pro X Effects Manual
Logic Tutorials
Logic Pro Studio 9
Logic Pro 9 Apple Tutorials

Midi Tutorials
Mixcraft Free
Sonic Academy


Sibelius Informational Sessions with Tom Rudolph Based on DA Student Questions
Content PDF for Video Part 1-4 with Tom Rudolph
Sibelius Part 1 Video
Sibelius Part 2 Video
Sibelius Part 3 Video
Sibelius Part 4 Video

Sibelius Video Series for Educators Links
Episode 1: Organize, Analyze, and Collaborate
Episode 2: The Automatic Compositional Diary
Episode 3: Creating Quality Audio Files and Backing Tracks</a
Episode 4: All About Graphics
Episode 5: The Digital Notation Scrapbook
Episode 6: Distribute Audio Recordings, Video, and Receive Student Scores
Episode 7: Working with Sibelius in the Classroom
Episode 8: Auralia and Musition
Get Started Fast with Sibelius and NotateMe
Get Started Fast with Sibelius and Surface Pro

Printed Music Links

Band Music PDF Library  Choral Music Public Domain Library
Petrucci Music Library

Virtual Keyboards Pop Up Piano
Virtual Piano