The ”’Synclavier Digital Audio System”’ manufactured by New England Digital was a powerful, fully integrated computerised audio system used for music and post production. Using it’s combination of synthesis, sampling, disk recording, and it’s comprehensive proprietory software and hardware it was not only a powerful music performance and compositional tool but also a very accomplished sound design and editing system. It was first developed in the late ’70s at Dartmouth College by Jon Appleton, Sydney Alonso and Cameron Jones.

Probably once as famous for it’s cost as much as for it’s musical abilities – full blown late systems would retail for between $200,000 – $300,00 US. The largest system built and sold by NED selling for $500,000. Instantantly recognisable with it’s unique keyboard. The image on the left is the ORK (ORiginal Keyboard) and on the right is the later V/PK (Velocity/Pressure Keyboard)