This website is designed to be an in class and out of class resource for Douglas Anderson School of the Arts Electronic Music I and II class. Under the menu bar links you can find information pertaining to conceptual ideas, historical background, assignments, practice tests, and tutorials. Most of the information that will be quizzed or tested on in this course can be found on this website. Use it to your advantage.


How to use this website:

The menu bar has a selection of general topic items. Most of them are drop down menus with sub pages, but in addition to that the topics themselves can be clicked on to give a general overview. Some pages have subpages that will be listed to the right when moused over to show more detail. A good percentage of the pages have both text and video (with some having only one or the other).

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Much of the information found on this website has been duplicated or copied from sites such as Wikipedia and 120years.net by Simon Crab, all rights go to them. This site only has educational purposes and has no commercial means.